Project Management

Managing projects transforms imagined concepts into creative reality, while maintaining respect for operating requirements.

With daily profitability as the end product, we integrate all elements of the concept, establish strategy, provide budget analysis, orchestrate personnel, and deliver operational procedures to secure long-lasting success.

Lewelling & Associates' firm guidance implements consistency in policy, business acumen, and high performance standards.

Project Deliverables

Master Planning
Operational Support Divisions Design & Planning

Major Milestones & Key Activities
Visitor Entry Sequence Design & Planning
Parking, Tickets, First Aid

Design Services
Concept, Design & Engineering, F, F & E/OFI Integration, Concept Viability & Cost Analysis, Show Quality Review & Recommendations
Special Event / Live Show
Development, Planning, Production

Operational Design Criteria
Design, Engineering, Operational Interface, User Group Requirements
Codes & Safety Compliance

Manpower Organization Planning
Marketing & Sponsorship Strategies

Hiring Strategies
Operating Guidelines

Specialized Training & Development
Security, Custodial, & Maintenance Planning

Capacities, Member & Guest Flow Analysis
Daily Operationsl Support and Planning

Merchandise Planning
Operating Budget Analysis

Medical/Hospital Relationships
Hospital/Fitness Club Interface

Athletic Club Activities

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